Capitalism and Campaign Finance Reform

Is electing the lesser of the two evils for a second term the only option?

By Sam Mishra

When Obama was invited to chuck “Campaign Finance” by John McCain and go for public financing (equal spending by both parties) in 2008 elections, it was not a fair deal for Obama, so he declined. After all, he was sure to garner more money from public for financing his campaign; he prevailed, and also won the elections.

The bankers funded (as they will again) both parties in the last elections, and are being happily rewarded for backing both parties. After all, one party has to win, no matter what.

In other words, capitalists rule everywhere, here in Silicon Valley (where we call them VCs, aka Vulture Capitalists), in Wall-Street (where the greedy bankers are doping with Cocaine or with that million dollar bonus or with both), in Washington DC via stooges like Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner who got trained by Secretary Robert Rubin during the Clinton era. In case you forgot, Robert Rubin was the CEO of Goldman Sachs before becoming the Treasury Secretary in Bill Clinton's cabinet (when Geither was the deputy treasury secretary) and Robert Rubin is currently the Chairman of Citi Group.

The capitalist does not create jobs. You create your job by dint of your efforts, by going to work every day, by looking for work every day. The cliché “did you ever get a job from a poor man?” is a ruse by the capitalist to keep you duped into thinking that the blood of the capitalist is thicker, the brains of the capitalist are benevolent, the banking the capitalist does creates wealth.

The capitalists work in co-opetition with other capitalists: their goal is to accumulate more capital. They help each other (Warren Buffet gave $5 billion to Goldman Sachs for a few Goldman shares during the banking crisis), violently compete with each other as required (as in one company forcibly acquiring another), hence the term co-opetition (competition + cooperation). You may be breaking your skulls under police batons in the Occupy Wall Street movement, you and your 10,000 co-workers might be laid-off (which can permanently destroy your family and thus disfigure you for life); but in either case the capitalist thinks that it is a necessary evil (or good, if he is doing God's work, as quipped by the current Goldman CEO) that society needs to endure to create wealth.

In other words, the capitalist does not care if you lose your job (and as a result, your wife divorces you, or you become an alcoholic, or you waste part of your precious life living in tents, funded by, you guessed it, the capitalists). Wealth-creation for the capitalists is not wealth-creation for you or your progeny; more like it is divorce for you, unemployment for you, poverty for you...




If we want meaningful campaign finance reform, we need to make sure the capitalist can't spend money directly via funding the Obama or the GOP campaign. However, preventing the candidate from taking money from the capitalist will not help: the capitalist can funnel the money indirectly via tea party of coffee party, which can then advertise for the chosen candidate via Internet, TV, etc. In other words, capitalism is well entrenched to suck all the blood out of middle-class America, middle-class Europe, middle-class India, middle-class China. In fact, the Communist in China is also a capitalist; for the party members make the big bucks in the land where everyone is free (or may be not; as per one body of research, you need to get the communist party visa to travel from Rural to Urban China).

So, if you are middle-class, what do you do? You have two options: behave like how most middle-class behave: make money while the sun shines, for this is capitalism! The other option is more sinister (at least, in the eye of the capitalist): think different!


Thinking different does not necessarily mean not making money. Make money, by all means. But don't confuse making little money with Capitalism...

Here are some ways you can begin to think differently:

  1. The capitalist has not given you a job; you have gotten it because you deserve the job.

  2. The rich man can give others jobs (and the poor man can't) is a myth capitalists and parasitical journalists (who are as much parasites as capitalists are) spread to maintain the status quo.

  3. Be entrepreneurial by resorting to two of the three resources you need to build big business: land and labor (the other being capital, of course). Does this mean you don't need capital? Absolutely not, you do. But you don't have to beg a capitalist to start your venture.

  4. Leave the begging to the politician. The politician will beg in various ways and guises for money from the homeless, the unemployed, as well as the banker and the capitalist. Here are two samples (coming soon) as to how the begging is done in the Internet world.

  5. Stay engaged in the political process. Click here to download a PDF version of this article which you save to the desktop; you can email the PDF to others as an attachment.

If you have any thoughts / comments, please e-mail info(at) Thank you. 

Treasury Secretary Geithner met Goldman CEO Blankfein a record 38 times between February 2009 and March 2010!


Goldman not only spends millions lobbying in DC, but also funds campaign finance. We had exposed in a podcast in 2009 how a Dem in Congress was circulating a brochure on this, but the brochure was pulled in less than 1 hour by Dick Gephardt, who admonished his fellow Democrat: “Don’t you want money for your campaign finance?” 

Geithner might be corruptly colluding for a job in Wall Street banking once he loses his position as the Treasury Secretary... After all, many democrats like him, including Summers and Rubin, have enjoyed multi-million dollar pay packages in banking. Rubin, Geithner's boss in the Clinton era, was CEO of Goldman before becoming Treasury Secretary, and became Chairman of Citi Group after the Treasury Secretary role!


We are not against the Democrats!

Hank Paulson (The treasury Secretary under George W. Bush) bailed out AIG, so that AIG could bail out Goldman, his ex-employer. Without the bailout, both AIG and Goldman were going BANKRUPT. So what was Hank Paulson's position before he accepted the "public service job" as the Treasury Secretary? Why, he was the CEO of Goldman Sachs, of course. And who was his predecessor in the Bush cabinet? John Snow, who left the CEO job in CSX to be the Bush Treasury Secretary. And who was John Snow's predecessor? Paul O'Neil? And where was Mr. O'Neil working as CEO before becoming the Treasury Secretary under George W. Bush? Alcoa, the aluminum company.

Except for the stooge Geithner, you can see very well how the Treasury Secretary in this country since Robert Rubin days has been the Elite, the powerful CEO, the Capitalist... Now, that is a Capitalist...


So, what is a Capitalist? The man with super-natural powers to be the CEO, whether it is at Alcoa or at Goldman. Do you have such super-natural powers? If you do, please use your super-natural powers to shut this website down... If you can't, and you have time to browse this site, you are not a capitalist, but one of the "exploited."


In other words, you see these blood-sucking leeches who claim they have what it needs to become CEO in "meritocratic" America. They have "merit" and "talent," you don't! The CEO in the big firm you work in rolls in millions while you are eating pizza and drinking beer and getting fat and lazy. WAKE UP. You are being exploited, your progeny is being deprived... do something to prevent the rich (politicians, bureaucrats, bankers) from getting richer... WAKE UP!!!

SO, WHAT CAN YOU DO? Apart from getting beaten up by cops in Occupy Oakland or Occupy Boston or Occupy Wall Street?

What else can you do??? Apart from keeping your job in that big high-tech firm so that your CEO cashes in his big stock options and makes 100 million USD in the next five years, what more can you do to stay afloat, feed your kids, keep the status quo???? What exactly can you do????????


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